Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Staged Skins! Elizabeth 2!!

Dezi has been asked dozens of times about her much loved older skin, Elizabeth, and whether or not she was planning on revamping it. Well...

I love a designer that listens...meet Elizabeth 2.

Softer body, 12 new makeups, and just all around yummy.

You wanna see more? Alright alright...

The makeup ranges from natural and soft to big and bold! I love it!

If you join the Staged group for a 50L fee, you will receive an amazing gift...3 skins from the Elizabeth 2 Coral Collection. So pretty with an amazing autumn glow.

Remember...every month there is a skin freebie that is exclusive for it's members AND since Dezi is generous...there is usually an extra goodie sent out too!

What are you waiting for? Go try on a demo! Get all sorts of Elizabeth2 glowy gorgeous!!


xo - Sophia Harlow

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mother Nature in various colors and in the mainstore!!

Ohhhh...now you can buy the Rezzables inspired dress, Mother Nature, in a variety of colors!

Rezzable Swanson Elements Gown is finally in the mainstore...and in so many colors! Autumn, Earth, Frost, Leaf and Plumeria!

Staged Skin and Fashions Gown is inspired by Mother Nature and embodies the elements of Earth and Air. Warm autumn leaves cradle the breasts as branch like vines twist around the body gently. A beautiful jeweled center piece between the breasts adds flare. Soft and sheer fabric intertwines with the vine as it gently falls across the body. Vines around the upper arms have leaves that flutter as you move. A leafy undergarment is visible through the soft and flowing fabric as your eyes move down the body. This undergarment is created from the same warm leaves and thick branches and it cut in a sexy thong style in back. An optional Leaf layer for the dress evokes the element of air and wind. This gown comes with in all layers, with or without arm vines, and optional Bikini.


xo, Sophia Harlow

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Staged Starlight Exclusive!

Staged is thrilled to finally be able to show off her exclusive design for Starlight Boutique! If you haven't heard, Starlight Exclusives is the brainchild of the lovely RubyStarlight Writer who's hosting an exclusive boutique containing the designs of 17 awesome designers who created a fall design especially and only for this boutique!

This stunning dress is available in the color shown above and also in a deep and lovely purple. The top is beaded with a gorgeous one shoulder strap that is ruffled and just so romantic looking. There are two skirts ..one with glow and one without. I personally loved the glow one for midnight dancing with my husband. <3

Romantic, soft and beautiful....you can't go wrong.

Ride to Starlight Exclusives: http://slurl.com/secondlife/ICON%20Lifestyle/205/209/30

xo - Sophia Harlow

Friday, August 21, 2009

Coco Chanel Tribute Outfits!

Oh, I have beautiful things to show you today!

Staged participated in the BOSL Tribute to Coco Chanel, with not one outfit but two!!

A gorgeous jeweled cross top, leather pants and some seriously hot gloves complete the look. Super sexy and perfect for those bad girls who love to look naughty with a serious touch of class.

The next one is breathtaking. It is a gorgeous deep plum color, flexi plum and white skirt, with a choice of wearing it with or without the ruffled collar, neck and sleeve cuffs. Any way you wear it, you can't go wrong. From the moment I tried on this outfit I refused to take it off for the entire day.

Both outfits are now available at Staged's main store.


If you are not a member of Staged group, make sure to join to receive the gift of an exclusive skin with special makeup just for group members!

xo- Sophia Harlow

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Staged at Uvogue Skin Fair!

Staged is pleased to announce that they have been invited to participate in the UVogue Skin Fair!

Luxury Boulevard - July 31, 2009 - UVogue Fashion Agency announced today, "Discover Your Skin: The UVogue Skin Fair" will be taking place on the UVogue Sim, August 12 - 19, 2009. More than 19 skin designers will be showcasing some of SL's best skins. Many plan to release new skins available exclusively at Discover Your Skin.

Dezi created a gorgeous Cerra skin just for the fair and...it's amazing! Take a look for yourself...

Two makeups - one a gorgeous peacock mask and one with deep rich green colored shadow. Both tones...shaved/not shaved options, a bikini and..and..its all for 1L!!

What are you waiting for? A ride? There you go... http://slurl.com/secondlife/UVogue/145/191/22

xo - Sophia Harlow

Friday, August 7, 2009

Staged Exclusive Group Skins!

Exclusive skin from Staged!

Dezi Jarvinen, the Owner/Designer of Staged is releasing an exclusive skin in Light and Tan to her group members! There is a catch though...we don't know when she is going to send it, we just know it will be within the next 3-5 days. So, hurry and join the group now because once the skin is sent, the fee to join the group goes from 0 to 50L.

Group members will receive gifts monthly that are free if you are already in the group, if you're not... it wil be 50L to join!

So quick like bunnies... join and stay in!!! You don't want to miss a special Cerra makeup in both tones and whatever other pressies she will be sending out in the months to come!!


Sophia Harlow - Staged Management

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cerra - New at Staged!

Cerra is finally here...and she is gorgeous! She comes in two tones - Tanned and Pale and with....12 different makeups...ranging from natural and pretty to dramatic and sexy for those late night events. The makeups are lush, shimmery and metallic all the way to soft, pretty and "barely there" look.

Cerra also comes with two options shaved and not shaved because well, we all have a preference.

The body shading is just right with the stomach being my personal favorite part. It is ...truly a sexy tummy. I am personally a collarbone girl and Dezi did not leave me disappointed...sexy and just right.

Click the slurl right here to try on Cerra for yourself: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Rigby/160/98/23

Oh, and one more thing...Staged is proud to announce that they have been invited to be a part of The UVogue Skin Fair which will be taking place on the UVogue Sim, August 12 - 19, 2009. More than 19 skin designers will be showcasing some of SL's best skins. Many plan to release new skins available exclusively at Discover Your Skin.

Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

xo - Sophia Harlow